Signature Massage

This decadent massage takes relaxation to the next level. Designed especially to address your individual needs this unique experience includes hot stones, European dry brushing, a hot coconut oil scalp treatment and a warm shea butter hand treatment.

90 minutes | $175

Swedish Massage

A relaxing massage that is customized for your needs using light to medium pressure and smooth sweeping strokes to release tension, restore energy and create a sense of well-being. Your massage is enhanced with your choice of European dry brushing or hot stones.

60 minutes $100 | 90 minutes $140

Deep Tissue Massage

Targeting deeper layers of muscle tissue, slow and focused techniques are used to address specific areas of chronic muscle tension. Certain areas receive deep massage with firm massage on the rest of the body. Your massage is enhanced with your choice of European dry brushing or hot stones.

60 minutes $110 | 90 minutes $150

Hot Stone Massage

Warm smooth stones combined with Swedish massage calm and balance your body. You will feel your mind relax and tension melt away as the warmth of the stones penetrate deep into your muscles and joints.

90 minutes $160

Pregnancy Massage

This is a nurturing and relaxing massage for the mother to be. Special attention is given to the mothers comfort and stage of pregnancy.

60 minutes $110 | 90 minutes $150


Reiki sessions are deeply relaxing, restorative and often bring the receiver to a profoundly meditative place. In the session, the fully clothed receiver lies on a massage table and the practitioner holds her hands in a series of positions on the receiver’s body, passing the sacred universal life force energy on to the receiver.

60 minutes $90