Stem Cell Facial 

Stem Cells breathe new life into skin, they replace damaged cells with youthful plump looking skin. This custom experience includes a professional stem cell peel, peptide enzyme, a stem cell mask and stem cell serum. The path to radiance is enhanced with a relaxing warm shea butter hand treatment.

 80 minutes | $160

Age Repair Facial                        

This advanced repairing facial uses a mild electrical current that infuses a specialty ampoule, lifting and softening fine lines, leaving your face, neck and eyes with a dramatically younger appearance.

80 minutes |$140

Signature Facial                             

Revitalize your skin with our most popular facial while we infuse your skin with the hydrating powers of collagen. We enhance your service with an eye treatment, specialty serum, hot stones and extensive massage.

80 minutes | $130

Jan Marini Facial                             

Designed especially to address your individual needs, this facial can be tailored for sun-damage, fine lines and wrinkles as well as oily, problematic, acne prone or sensitive skin. Jan Marini award-winning Skin Care offers simplified solution to meet your skin care needs today and into the future.

50 minutes |$120

Facial with a Skin Care Management System | $360

Fluer’s Organic Facial                 

This facial is part of a new beauty approach utilizing the highest standards in organic certification. Fluer’s organic is a sensory experience leaving your complexion younger and more radiant.

50 minutes | $110

Customized Facial                           

This relaxing facial is great for all skin types. Our soothing antioxidant mask is designed to nourish and maintain a healthy complexion.

50 minutes |$100


Teen Facial  

We take special care of our young client’s needs by using a gentle approach to combat their hormonal breakouts. We always give special guidance on home care, which is essential for teens during their transitional years. (Excludes massage)

50 minutes |$85




  • Hot coconut oil scalp treatment

    • $15

  • Warm shea butter hand treatment

    • $15

  • Professional Peel

    • $10

  • Hot stone foot massage (15 min.)

    • $20